Coles and Woolworths Go Head-to-Head

After Woolworths blew Coles out of the water last financial quarter, Coles has since dug their heels in in a bid to bring shoppers back with their ever effective “Down Down” campaign.

The price slashing announcement first surfaced from Coles in early April of this year, and resurfaced again this week with Coles’ General Manager of Merchandise Strategy and Transformation, Martin Smitherson, revealing to News Daily that the supermarket chain has already reduced the prices of 200 products. 

Which, might we add, Woolworths has quickly noticed and started reflecting these price drops in their stores too.

So what does this mean for shoppers?

Expert in the field, Professor Mortimer from the University of Queensland predicts to News Daily these price drops will continue but they won’t match the extreme price drops of products that we saw back in 2011 when the first notable Coles versus Woolworths price war began.

In a time where COVID-19 is still present and the future is volatile, we at Frugl can’t help but agree with Mr Mortimer; however that doesn’t mean shoppers can’t make the most of these price reductions. 

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Consumers simply need to download the app, login as a registered or guest user and start creating a shopping list by perusing products and comparing the prices across Coles and Woolworths. 

It’s that simple! 

Frugl users can even learn whether it’s cheaper for them to shop at Coles only, Woolworths only or across both. 

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