Frugl Grocery 3.0 Now Available

After being available for Android users for the last few weeks we have just released Frugl Grocery 3.0 for iPhones allowing for more opportunities to use some of the great new collaboration features that are available in the new app across iOS and Android devices.

For iOS users Frugl Grocery 3.0 is available now with existing iOS users automatically receiving the update

For Android users Frugl Grocery 3.0 is a new app that will need to be installed separately before uninstalling Frugl 2.2. This is not an automatic update but the old app will not be required once you have the new Frugl Grocery app installed

If you are a long time user of Frugl v2.2 you may notice a lot of vast improvements including the loading speed and more store options being available along with new log in options which are absolutely critical for us to provide support to users and add the new features we have planned for 2022.

With the differences between the old and new version every user account is being treated as a new account to allow you access to customise the experience the way you want. This means lists, allergens and dietary preferences are not carried over automatically due to the improvements made to these features that allow you to customise them even more. For users who do create a new account that is associated with the same email as their prior account (even if it is their Facebook, Twitter, Google or Apple ID account) we are able to migrate any products you have favourited.

Frugl v2.2 is scheduled to be decommissioned on February 1st.