3 Kitchen Utensils That Will Change Your Life

One of the greatest pet peeves of the kitchen is productivity – or at least that’s what causes heat in my kitchen! 

But I’m about to let you in on three kitchen utensils that changed my life…

1. Garlic Press

Garlic is an essential ingredient to all meals in my opinion, but it can be one of the most annoying things to cut quickly without cutting yourself. 

But with a garlic press these problems are solved. 

Simply put your clove of garlic inside the press, squeeze the handles tight and seconds later you have minced garlic without all the fuss.

Soffritto A-Series Garlic Press. House Kitchen Store

2. Salad Spinner

Nobody likes a soggy salad, but patting down lettuce with a paper towel after giving it a wash is one of the most time consuming food preparation tasks in the kitchen. 

Not to mention, half the time you don’t get all the water or you bruise your lettuce in the attempt.

With a salad spinner you can wash and dry a whole head of lettuce in record time. The spinner also doubles up as a great way to store your lettuce so it is crunchier, longer.

Avanti Salad Spinner White. House Kitchen Store.

3. Extendable Handled Sieve

Not every kitchen sink is the same width, so it’s really irritating when you want to drain something in your sieve and it’s not stabilised. Not to mention it can cause a huge mess!

But with a sieve that has extendable handles, you’re equipped for anything.

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Soffritto A Series Stainless Steel Over Sink Strainer. House Kitchen Store.

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