3 No-Bake Cooking Recipe Ideas You Need To Try ASAP

All dessert inspired, these three recipes will blow your mind and taste buds! Check them out and give them a try. 

1. Raw Vegan Brownie Cake

Your taste buds will love you and your friends and family will make you the king or queen of brownie making – there is no doubt! 

These brownies are just to die for! Find the recipe @gurmevegan

2. No Bake Snickers Bars

Yes, they’re vegan too – but you wouldn’t think it! With 10grams less sugar than commercial snickers bars, these no bake alternatives are a healthier option. You can find the recipe @theconsciousplantkitchen.

3. Raw Hazelnut Truffles

A truffle a day keeps the doctors away right? Kidding! But they taste deeeelicious 😜

If you’re a hazelnut fan these ones are definitely for you. The recipe can be found @therawchef