3 Ways You Can Make School Lunch Box Packing Painless

Are you in a rut when it comes to school lunches? 

Don’t worry, we know how you feel! 

That’s why we’ve got some handy tips which can help you out.

1. Choose the right lunchbox

Now this may seem silly, but the right lunch box can make a world of a difference. I’m not talking about colour or design but rather function. 

There are so many types of lunch boxes out there and picking the right one just depends on your child’s preferences. This is because different lunch boxes cater to different foods and styles of meals. 

Some children prefer to eat food in a bento box type of fashion – this is typical of younger children – whereas others prefer ones that keep food warm and function to hold decent sized meals. The latter is for older children in their teen years.

Find more information at Produce for Kids.

2. Have a meal plan

The easiest way to conquer school lunches is to have a plan. Why? Because we all want to give our kids a healthy nutritious diet but our busy lives often force us to grab the easiest and sometimes unhealthy options.

With 1 in 4 Australian children and adolescents aged 2-17 being classified as overweight in 2017-18, keeping a healthy diet is easier when we are prepared.

We recommend:

  • Find healthy non-perishable staples that can be kept for ‘we’re going to be late’ days
    • Dried fruit
    • Trail mix
    • Popcorn
    • Corn thins, rice puffs, lentil puffs
  • Plan dinners that can be reused in lunch boxes
    • We love this month of recipes by Kidspot Kitchen
    • Make friends with your freezer – Making pancakes for breakfast on Sunday? Make some smaller pikelets and store them in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Better Health Channel has a great lunchbox menu planner that you can model your own planner from. Alternatively the Organised Housewife has great resources for parents needing school lunch box inspiration.

3. Get the kids involved

Getting your kids involved in packing their own lunches is a great way for them to learn about nutrition and self care. 

As we know getting the correct serving of fruits and vegetables a day is important. Remember, the 2 fruit and 5 veg advert that used to air across the tv?

Produce for Kids has great resources you can use to encourage your kids to get involved. These include Build Your Own Lunch Box and Build A Better Sandwich checklist.

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Inspiration from Instagram

At Frugl we love everything to do with food. From bargains, to cooking and yep, you got it – we love lunch box inspiration too! 

One of our favourites is @schoollunchbox who has an incredible array of tips and makes delicious looking meals for his young daughters that they take to school. We only wish he made them for adults too!