4 Easy Tips To Having a Frugl and Sustainable Christmas

1. Decorate With Nature

Bring DIY and homemade Christmas decorating to your home this year by decking the halls with nature. It’s a great cheap, yet sustainable, version of Christmas that everyone will enjoy and get involved in.

One of my favourite decorative ideas is by @artfulplants where they’ve used rosemary to create mini wreaths to decorate their dining table. 

You might also consider making your own confetti by using hole punches on fallen leaves, or stacking logs into a tree formation, even using fallen pine cones for that northern hemisphere Christmas feel. 

2. Simple Wrapping Paper

Sticking to simple wrapping paper is a cheaper alternative but it also means you can recycle it when you’re done. This is key, because not all wrapping paper is recyclable to begin with; especially if it’s foil or glitter decorated. Even then, you must make sure to remove all sticky tape, ribbons and bows before popping paper in the recycle bin.

A great alternative to paper altogether is using a scarf or a bandana. These items can then function as part of your gift. Lush Cosmetics uses this method to gift wrap some of its products.

3. Less Is More

We often hear the saying “Less is more and more is less” and I can’t help but feel it goes hand in hand with Christmas. My reasoning is that in such a material oriented world, the more things you have or get, the less meaning there is behind them.

So, to get one gift is more meaningful than many. One gift gives you something to focus your attention on and the person it is going to. 

Not only that, but focusing your attention of one gift means there’s less waste created. With many gifts there’s a high chance a few of them aren’t needed or wanted too. 

Ask yourself these questions before buying presents for others:

  1. Do they still use what I bought them last year?
  2. Do they already have something like it?
  3. Is there a sustainable option available?

4. Give Before You Get

For the more than three million Australians living in poverty, Christmas is not a happy time of the year. This year, consider these three tips before heading to the shops.

  1. Donate to a charity as a Christmas gift
  2. Get your kids to collect all the toys they no longer use and donate them to charity
  3. Sell items that are no longer in use to give them a second life while reducing your bills

In the wise words of Marie Kondo “To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose. To get rid of what you no longer need is neither wasteful or shameful. Can you truly say that you treasure something buried so deeply in a closet that you have forgotten its existence?”

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