4 New Frugl App Features You Didn’t Know You Needed Till Now

Psst! Have you got the latest version of the Frugl Grocery Price Comparison app? Update now to get the hottest new Frugl app features. There’s four – can you find them all?

#1 Featured Lists

Now within the My Lists section of the Frugl app you’ll find Featured Lists curated by a range of categories. 

Some might include, but are not limited to, 5 Star Health Rated Products, Frugl Top 20 Favourites, Plant Based Starter Kits and more. 

These lists are updated and changed over time so don’t forget to save it to your Custom Lists to permanently keep it handy or add your own items to the list.

To save a Featured List as your own, navigate into the list and tap the save icon in the top right hand-side of your screen.

#2 List Sharing

Gone are the days of taking a screenshot in order to share your Frugl Custom Lists with a friend, family member or other contacts of your choosing. 

Now you can simply locate the share button within each of your lists (top right of your screen) and share it with whomever you please. 

This feature comes in handy when perhaps it’s hubby’s turn to go grocery shopping or even if you’re wanting to share a family recipe with friends.

#3 Displaying Price Per Unit


The Frugl app now displays products (where available) with price per unit. This means you can now compare Coles and Woolworths pricing all the way down to price per 100g or 100ml. 

This new Frugl app feature really allows you to get the most out of your money.

#4 Customer Product Reviews

Take the guessing game out of buying products you’ve never tried before with the new Frugl app feature: customer product reviews. 

Users of the Frugl app can now leave ratings and reviews of their favourite or least favourite products to help other users decide if they’d like that product too. 

Product ratings and reviews can be found within Product Details. Tap ‘See all’ to view unique reviews or to add your own opinion on the quality of that specific product.

You can learn more about Frugl and our app here.