4 Tips To Reducing Your Electricity Bill

Electricity bills might have fallen between 2018 and 2019 but according to news reports households are still worse off than they were a decade ago.

That’s why we’ve got you covered with 4 tips to reduce your electricity bill even more! 

1. Turn of Unneeded Lights

When you leave a room in the house and don’t intend to be back in that room for a period of time switch the lights off. Doing this stops unnecessary use of energy. You might even consider switching your lights to fluorescent ones as they are known to use less electricity to light up a room. 

Canstar’s handy cost calculator helps you figure out how much energy your lightbulbs are using. They’ve even got this handy infographic to help you out.

Home-automation lights are also a good long term alternative when it comes to saving electricity. Why? Because with this technology you can control switches from anywhere with a smartphone app. So if you;ve left the lights on when you leave the house – no worries, you can switch them off from your phone. 

2. Wash Only on a Full Washing Machine

Washing machines use a lot of energy to clean clothes. In order to reduce how much energy your washing machine uses, try only washing when you have a full load. Doing this makes the time your machine is washing more effective.

Most newer machines have short cycles of 15-30 minutes which are perfect for the smaller loads and use a lot less energy.

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3. Dry Clothes on a Clothesline

Like washing machines, dryers use a heap of energy when running. But the best thing about living in Australia is that during summer and, if not most of the seasons, we have beautiful weather. This means that we can hang our washing out on the line and have dry within a couple of hours.

Sure it might not be as convenient, but think of hanging clothes out on the line as a good activity where you can have some of your own time and reflect.


  • For darker clothes, it’s best to hang them in a shaded area to avoid sun damage
  • Cut down on ironing by drying your clothes on a coat hanger to dry

4. Use a Powerboard with a Switch

Power-boards come in handy, especially in this day and age when we have so many technological devices hanging around that we need to plug in. But not all power-boards are made equally.

Power-boards that simply switch off at the wall are usually cheaper, however this means every appliance or gadget plugged in will be on all the time. That’s where power-boards with on and off switches for each socket come in handy. They might be a little bit dearer when first buying them but they will save you a chunk of money when it comes to your next electricity bill.

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