4 Ways To Be Sustainable and Save Money: Bathroom Edition

With the acknowledgment of the poor state of our climate, many of us are looking for alternative products that have less impact on our planet. But admittedly, sticking to a budget and being eco-friendly is not always an easy task. But we’re here to help.  

In this article you’ll find four of our favourite sustainable  bathroom switches that not only lower your environmental impact but also take cost into account.

1. Shampoo Bars

Let’s get old fashioned in the bathroom shall we? Because shampoo bars are a great way to switch up your bathroom routine into something sustainable. 

Shampoo bars cut back on packaging – which is almost always made of plastic. In fact, shampoo bars could replace the 552 million shampoo bottles that get thrown out each year.

The added benefit of using shampoo bars instead of bottled shampoo is that the cost benefits you. Yes, the bar looks smaller than a shampoo bottle but you might be surprised to find out a shampoo bar lasts longer as you use less.

It’s a win win. 

Some of the best places we’ve found that you can purchase shampoo bars include:

2. Soap Bars

Yep, you’ve guessed it! The best thing after a shampoo bar is a soap bar. Still, to this day, I use soap bars instead of body wash in the shower. Like the shampoo bar, packaging is generally more eco-friendly and costs less.

But, unlike a shampoo bar, you do use a soap bar all over your body, so it’s important to make sure you store your soap bars in a sanitary way. One way to do this is to put it on top of some pebbles, a saucer or even in a net bag.

3. Bamboo Cotton Tips

Until recently I didn’t even consider that the regular cotton tips I was using were bad for the environment. And then I realised how bad those small little cotton tipped products are. Their entire centre is a plastic tube! And we don’t even get to reuse them…

This is where bamboo cotton tips come in. You still don’t get to reuse them, but they are made of natural materials that can breakdown easily and help reduce our environmental footprint all in one.

Even better, bamboo is a highly sustainable grass that grows with little  need for human facilitation.

4. A Natural Loofah

If you’re not into using a washcloth, but do like lathering your soap over your body with a shower puff, I have an alternative for you; a natural loofah. 

They are a super cheap alternative that is all natural and usually quite easy to find package free.

In fact, loofahs are made from their own loofah plant, so you can grow your own and save even more money in the process. 

Just remember if you are using a loofah that you should keep it clean and free from bacteria by letting it dry properly between uses. And don’t forget to regularly replace them.

Alternatively, there’s also a Konjac Sponge that works equally as well!

If you’re interested in keeping to a zero waste lifestyle, our other article Reduce Reuse Recycle – Save Money and the Planet is worth a read.