About Us

Cultivating a frugl mindset

frugl /ˈfruːɡ(ə)l/ adjective: a way of living, entertaining, celebrating & sharing. The art of of being economical for a better planet; a better community.

Being frugal means being smart about everyday purchases. It's no secret - frugality is a trait that many millionaires share.

People can turn a modest financial base into wealth by living frugally, budgeting and saving regularly. Living frugally can create the way of life our customers dream of.

frugl.com.au offers a fast and easy way for you to spend less on groceries, helping you save money and time.

Our grocery price comparison site makes it easy for you to create your shopping list with all your favourite brands and compare supermarket prices.

We'll automatically compare your shopping list across Coles and Woolworths to find you the lowest grocery prices. We'll show you what's on special - and where. And we'll show you how much you can save if you choose the lowest priced equivalent.

Frugl helps shoppers compare grocery prices faster - and shop smarter. Grocery shoppers can save up to 30% on grocery prices by comparing thousands of products and swapping for suggested cheaper grocery alternatives. Compare. Swap. Save.

We have a passion for helping people. Our mantra is to help people spend less on groceries - and spend more on life.

Making a difference

We are the newest kid on the block in the supermarket scene - but a retailer we are not. We are completely independent from the supermarkets. We are a consumer advocate. Our grocery price comparison site offers shoppers a wealth of information and pricing transparency. Grocery prices, special offers and pack sizes change frequently and they vary from store to store. This makes it challenging to find the lowest prices, each week, for your grocery shop. We make it easy and quick to compare online prices. Launched in 2016, Frugl provides shoppers with up-to-date specials, deals and pricing information to make grocery prices, promotion and product information easy to compare across supermarkets. For grocery shoppers living in metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart - frugl.com.au will find you the cheapest grocery prices online. We want to ensure all our customers get the best value grocery shop to meet their household budget goals.

Who are our customers

Our customers are everyday Australians looking for a simpler way. A simpler way to save, a faster way to shop, a better way of life.Our customers come from all different walks of life but they share one thing in common. They all spend their money wisely.