Cavities Beware: Healthy Halloween Treats

Each year more Australians are joining the trick or treating celebrations for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. Seen as an America/Mexican tradition, it turns out we also love dressing up, carving pumpkins and meeting our neighbours…  not to mention sugary treats.

Help your family avoid the great sugar crash with these healthy yet haunted snacks.

Monster Toast

@crowded_kitchen created these (naturally) colourful gluten free breakfast surprises loaded with fruits and veggies. A fun way to encourage kids to eat their 2 and 5.


Monster Toast by @crowded_kitchen

Frankenstein Smoothies

Perfect excuse to squeeze in the greens the kids don’t normally eat. These green smoothies from @memory_making_mama are made with pineapple, mango, peaches, spinach, chia seeds and orange juice.


Frankenstein Smoothies by @memory_making_mama

Berry Cauldron

@foodbites shared this super simple, naturally sweet treat. Berries and cantaloupe balls in a big black or orange bowl can easily make a spooky centrepiece. Australian fruits currently in season include blueberries, honeydew, lychees, mulberries and papayas.


Berry Cauldron by @foodbites

Sugar Skull Fruit Toast

Another fantastic breakfast or after school treat, these Dia de los Muertos fruit toast sugar skulls from @parentslatina  look too good to eat. Consisting of cream cheese, sunflower seeds, kiwi fruit, grapes and berries, there is nothing scary about this treat.


Sugar Skull Fruit Toast by @parentslatina

For more spooky news, head over to our blog about Australia’s battle with unhealthy diets: Australia: The Overweight (Obese) Nation

Are you participating in Halloween?

The Queensland Police and Neighbourhood Watch Queensland have developed these posters so trick or treaters know which houses to visit, making Halloween safer for everybody.

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