Cheapest Cuts of Meat

Buying meat can add a hefty cost to your grocery basket. However, if you get to know your local butcher they are sure to help you out when it comes to finding cheaper cuts, that are actually more flavoursome. 

The only catch with these types of meats is that they usually require a longer cooking time – in our experience, the wait is always worth its while. 

What are my beef options?

When you think beef cuts, try not to think of a quickly seared steak, as that type of cut is likely the most costly. Instead think of slow cooked beef. 

There are 9 great cheap cuts of beef that serve up delicious meals at less of a cost. They are brisket, skirt, shin, flank, silverside, chuck, blade, leg and top rump.  

Good Food has great recipes for each of these cuts of meat, which is very handy if you’ve never cooked with these types of beef cuts before. You can find the recipes here.

BBC Good Food: Cheapest Cuts of Beef

What are my lamb options?

Well-cooked lamb brings such tasteful joy, but cuts like neck, fillet and chops can bust the bank in one foul swoop.

But you can still get that satisfying slow cooked lamb feeling with cuts such as shoulder, scrag, middle neck, chump and breast. 

These cuts are inexpensive, which does mean they require very slow cooking, but that means when they’re done they’re really tender and full of flavour. 

You can find recipes using these cheaper cuts of lamb here

BBC Good Food: Cheapest Cuts of Lamb

What are my pork options?

Mmmm bacon, it’s great right! But even though we’d love to have it in everything, it doesn’t quite fit the healthy lifestyle most of us strive for. 

Cuts like tenderloin, although delicious, can be expensive, especially if you are feeding a large family. So what can we get for less? There is plenty! Spare ribs, chump, belly, hand, spring, cheek and neck. 

If you’re a first time cooker of pork we do suggest following a recipe as pork can be difficult to cook correctly. To much heat and it dries out quicker than paint on a hot summer’s day!  

You can find recipes and tips here.

BBC Good Food: Cheapest Cuts of Pork

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