Compare Prices and Create a List

If you're new to Frugl or need a refresher

Want an introduction to Frugl and its features? Follow these steps:


Login to Frugl as either a Registered User or a Guest user. Find more information on our account types here.


Once logged into the Frugl app, navigate to the search screen and type the name of the product you’re looking for into the search bar.


After activiating the search request, you’ll see relevant products begin to load in the search results. From here you can scroll to find the exact product you want. Note: the more detailed and accurate you are with searching a product ie. Biozet Attack Front & Top Loader Laundry Powder 2Kg rather than just Biozet, the more accurate your search results will be.


Additionally you can use search filters, or our search bullseye to narrow your search results.


If you’d like to learn more about search filters and targeted sorting click here.


Once you’ve located the product you want simply add it to your shopping list. You can do this by tapping the add item to list icon and selecting the list you’d like to add it to. 


As a guest user, you can only add items to your ‘My Shopping List’. Registered users can add their item to ‘My Shopping List’ ‘My favourites’ or any other custom shopping list they decide.


Repeat steps two to four until you have all the items you want added to your shopping list. Then, once you’ve added all the items you’d like, navigate to your list. Do this by going to the list screen and then selecting your list.


Once inside your list you can optimise the pricing of your overall list with the ‘List Fruglizer’. The List Fruglizer allows you to see whether it’s cheaper to shop at Coles, Woolworths or across both.


From here you can complete your grocery shop knowing where to get the best deals and how to maximise your overall savings. 

You can learn about all the great Frugl features available to you here.