Do you know these four savvy shopping tips?

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A penny saved is a penny earned. Discover our 4 tips on savvy shopping that are here to help you stay afloat during this pandemic. 

#1 Meal Plan

Meal planning isn’t just beneficial for those trying to organise their time and eat healthy. It’s also a great practice for those trying to save on their grocery haul.

The reason why meal planning works well to help people save money is because it allows people to know exactly what they need to buy and when to buy it. So, it’s effectively helping to minimise the food you waste and therefore, also minimising the money you spend on wasted food.

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#2 Avoid Complex Recipes

By complex, it don’t mean difficult per se, but rather recipes that have uncommon herbs and spices that you wouldn’t usually use. Because let’s face it, you’ll use that ingredient once and not again for at least a few months (if ever). 

However, if you are a food connoisseur and mixing fancy herbs and spices is your thing, then do what brings you joy. A top tip with herbs though, is to buy the herbs and spices in packets rather than in jars or containers if you can – it’s usually much cheaper, epspecially by per 100 grams! 

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#3 Make Veggies Your Friends

The price difference between a kilogram of vegetables versus a kilogram of meat is astounding most of the time. So if you’re really wanting to make a noticeable reduction in the price of your grocery haul stick to those vegetables, or simply cut back how much meat you eat each week.

In saying that, there are some vegetables more healthy than others, so if you can, buy a variety of vegetables for a balanced diet. 

#4 Eat Before You Shop

It seems ridiculous, but if you go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, you’re going to end up with a much bigger bill than you anticipated – unless you have incredible self-control. 

So, next time it’s grocery day, make sure you’re not fanging for food when you go.