Easter Egg-ercises To Help You Through Easter At Home

Easter is by far the most chocolatey time of the year with Christmas coming in at a close second. And with COVID-19 keeping us all at home this Easter break there’s bound to be even more chocolate devoured.

But how do we fight that post-Easter overconsumption of chocolate guilt? By getting everyone involved in a little Easter Egg Hunt themed egg-ercise and fun! 

Here’s how it works

Download the image below and cut out the exercise-labelled Easter eggs. Hide them around the backyard, the house – wherever you may choose.

Commence the fun egg-ercise filled game like you would any Easter egg hunt. The first person to locate all the eggs and complete all the exercises wins! What prize they win is up to you – leftover Easter chocolate perhaps 🤣 #kidding

Pro tip!  If you cut out the eggs, then laminate them you can reuse them for next year!