Registering to frugl is simple. On the homepage, click the ‘Sign Up’ button, located on the top right of screen. You will be directed to enter your Name, Email, Suburb and create a password. Click on the ‘Create Account’ button. You will receive an email requesting email confirmation. This ensures you can access your account and shopping lists in the future. Confirm your email address by clicking the link in the email. Once completed, you will be directed to your account and can now start shopping.
Once you have registered a new account, an email confirmation is automatically sent. If this does not appear, check your Junk or Spam folder. Add this email address to your ‘Safe Senders’ list.
frugl helps everyday Australian’s save money and time comparing grocery prices. You can compare prices on over 40,000 products from Woolworths and Coles online shops. Prices and product updates are checked daily. Frugl allows you to easily check prices across Coles and Woolworths online pricing. You can create and save shopping lists. Print out shopping lists, or save to view instore on your mobile, or send your order online for home delivery or click and collect. You can create shopping lists and compare supermarket prices to start saving money. This is a free feature. You can also compare products by unit price, to find lower priced, similar items and save even more. This is a premium feature. A subscription to Frugl Active membership starts at $2.95 per week.
You can edit your account details in your profile page. Including: Password, Postcode, Subscription and Level. Your user profile page can be accessed from the menu in the top right of the web page.
DISCLAIMER* frugl collects prices and marked specials from merchant sites to help you make informed decisions with where to shop and how to add value to your spending. Prices of the products listed on frugl should reflect the prices and any related discounts available online. These may not be the same as prices marked in store. The prices displayed on the website are not marked and owned by frugl.
You can easily search a product by Brand Name or Product. For example, if you’re searching for a Ben & Jerry’s tub of ice cream and know the specific size and flavour, type in Search ‘Ben & jerry’s Karamel Sutra 458ml’. If you know the brand but not the pack size, for example type in ‘Coles Deli Platter’ or type in ‘Cheezels'. Being specific should assist in finding the product, faster.
Under the Product Categories navigation menu, you will find the option to Sort items by Product Name, Brand Name, Price and Size. This may help find the product faster.
frugl provides grocery price comparison for Woolworths and Coles.The C and W icons next to a product tile, indicates the product is available at Coles and / or Woolworths.
When a price is written in red, this indicate the product is on special at this price.
Click the ‘ADD TO CART’ button on any product you want to add to your shopping cart. It will automatically be added to your cart. Once added, the Add to Cart button will change to indicate 1 item has been added. And a + / - will appear, allowing you to add more than 1 item. To remove an item click on the word ‘Remove’.
If you added items to your basket that are available at both Coles and Woolworths, it will automatically select the supermarket in which it has the lowest price. To switch an item to the other supermarket, click on the price of the item, under your preferred supermarket.If the item is not available at your preferred supermarket, a message will appear saying ‘No Match Found’, and you will not be able to switch. You can either click ‘Remove’, to remove the item from your shopping basket, and then click ‘Continue Shopping’ to select an alternate item from the shopping aisles. When you continue shopping, ensure you add items to your cart that have the symbol of your preferred supermarket (C symbol for Coles or W symbol for Woolworths).Or, you can click on the Similar Shop tab and view if there is any similar, lower priced alternatives available at your preferred supermarket. Click on an alternative, lower priced item to choose this instead – ensuring that the selected item appears with the symbol of your preferred supermarket (C symbol for Coles or W symbol for Woolworths).
There are two main ways you can create a shopping list - 1. As you shop: You can create a shopping list as you browse product pages, by click ‘Save to List’ button on a product. You can Add to an existing list, by clicking on the name of your saved list or create a new list. Add your new list name and click ‘ADD’. 2. When you Checkout: After you have filled your shopping Cart and are at the Checkout you will have options to send an online order to Coles or Woolworths, to print your shopping list and to save it as a new list. Choose ‘Save to My Lists’.
Step 1. At the top of the site, you will be able to have access to your user profile by clicking on the user icon that is next to Welcome [Your name]. Click on the user icon. Step 2. Click on the lists button. Here you will have access to the shopping lists that you have saved. Step 3. To view and access your list, click on the shopping cart next to the list where you’ll be directed to review your shopping cart before checking out.
Step 1. At the top of the site, you will be able to change the name of your shopping list by clicking on the user icon that is next to Welcome [Your name]. Click on the user icon. Step 2. A drop down menu will appear, click on ‘Lists’. Step 3. Under Shopping Lists, double click on the text box containing the Name of the list that you are wanting to change and type in the new Name. Step 4. Once the new name has been typed in, click out of the box and the new name of your shopping list will be updated.
Step 1. After you have reviewed your Cart, click on Checkout. Step 2. You will be directed to Confirm your order. To create a Checklist, click on the button 'CREATE INSTORE LIST' located under CONFIRM ORDER.
Step 1. Click on the user icon next to Welcome [Your Name]. Click on Lists. Step 2. Your saved Checklist will be under Checklists. To rename your Checklist, click on the textbox to re-edit the text. To print your checklist, click on the Printer icon to print from your default Printer or if you are viewing on Mobile, click on the Lists icon next to the Printer icon.
Step 1. Once you have completed your shopping, at the checkout page under CONFIRM ORDER, click on Create Instore List. A small pop up will appear telling you that your Checklist has been created. Step 2. Once you have created your Checklist. At the top of the site, click on the user icon that is next to Welcome [Your name]. Click on the user icon and click on Lists. Step 3. Under Checklists, click on the list icon to view your list on mobile.
Click the ‘CHECKOUT’ button at the bottom of the My Cart page. The Confirm Order page will display an itemised shopping list, showing products selected from Coles (with a Coles Total) and any from Woolworths (with a Woolworths Total). The Total basket value of both supermarkets and Savings will display at bottom of page.Choose from the 4 checkout options available: 1. Print My List – if you are printer connected, you can print your list immediately. 2. Save My List – if you want to save the list for future price comparison, your list will be saved. 3. Save Mobile View – if you want to shop in store using a mobile-friendly checklist. 4. Send your order to Coles and Woolworths. Note, if you have orders from both stores you will need to send your order to Woolworths and Coles separately.
When you add products to your shopping basket, frugl automatically puts the lowest priced items from any of the supermarkets into your shopping basket. At the bottom left hand of the shopping page, you will see the Total Value of your shopping cart. This Total will add up all of the lowest price items (based on splitting your shopping between Coles & Woolworths). The savings value at the bottom of the screen will automatically total up to how much you’re saving, as you go.
To checkout, click on the blue tab at bottom of screen to open your Shopping Cart view, directing you to the My Cart page.The 'Split Shop' page displays the prices of all your items at both Coles and Woolworths, if available. It will automatically select the lowest priced item from the respective supermarket – effectively splitting your shopping list in two. This gives you the maximum savings for your shopping. If you want to save even more money, you can click on the ‘Similar Shop' tab to view similar, lower price alternatives. If you’re happy with your split shopping list, and don’t want to save any more money, click the ‘Checkout’ button and proceed to confirm your order (Print, Save or Order Online).
Unit price comparison is a premium feature available in My Cart, the ‘Similar Shop' section. At the top of the My Cart page, click on the ‘Similar Shop tab next to ‘Split Shop’ On the 'Similar Shop'; tab, your list of products will display on the left hand side. A list of similar, lower priced items will appear on the right, sorted from lowest prices. Click on the right hand arrow to scroll across if there are multiple lower priced alternatives.To choose a lower priced item, click on the preferred alternative. Once selected, a highlighted border on your preferred item will display. The Total and Savings at bottom of page will be adjusted to reflect your savings.
Not all products listed are available in stores within all states of Australia. Due to the case, an error alert will be received when trying to send a list to a store in a different state. For example shopping on your frugl account with your Location postcode in frugl set to VIC and sending an order to Coles online with the location set to QLD will show up with a small prompt telling you "unable to be added due to unavailability". This means that the item is not available in the location for delivery.
Fill in a support ticket with your email address and subject, located in the Support tab on the left hand side of our site and frugl will get into contact with you soon. Use the in site navigation tour, this can be accessed on the Home page after you log in. Simply click on the 'Site Navigation Tour Button'. Use our Live Chat function - The Chat box is located on the bottom right of the website, simply enter in your name and a member from frugl will be of assistance. Live Chat is open from 9am-5pm (AWST- Australian Western Standard Time).
According to a CHOICE study -- you can save $60.73 (35%) when shopping at Coles and $57.37 (33%) at Woolworths just by swapping leading brands for each chain's private label equivalents. There are massive savings to be made when you compare grocery prices. frugl helps shoppers compare grocery prices faster - and shop smarter. Grocery shoppers can save up to 30% on grocery prices by comparing thousands of products and swapping for suggested cheapest grocery alternatives.
Frugl is a grocery price comparison site. We are completely independent from the supermarkets, helping shoppers save up to 30% on each grocery shop. Grocery price comparison helps shoppers save money on their grocery shopping.Launched in 2016, frugl provides shoppers with up to date specials, deals and pricing information to make grocery prices, promotion and product information easy to compare across supermarkets and as transparent as possible. For grocery shoppers living in metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart - frugl.com.au will find you the cheapest grocery prices. We want to ensure all our customers get the best value grocery shop to meet their household budget goals.
Coles, Woolworths, ALDI and IGA supermarkets change their product prices regularly and have new weekly catalogues or monthly catalogues. Regular price changes and new catalogue specials make it time consuming and challenging for shoppers to find the cheapest groceries and ensure they get the best value on their weekly shop. Comparing grocery prices for your regular products across Coles, Woolworths, ALDI and IGA used to be a huge effort and can add up to big savings. Frugl helps you quickly compare grocery prices ensuring you never pay more than you have to. Our shoppers can save up to 30% or more for a big grocery shop.
frugl collects prices directly from Coles and Woolworths online supermarkets. We update our site daily, with the aim to have all the latest online grocery prices and promotions available for you.Similar to using an online grocery shop, you can use frugl to compare and select the cheapest grocery prices and add them to your basket. We help you compare your grocery basket price for Coles and Woolworths. We give you the option to switch your basket to the cheaper supermarket. Another option allows you to split your shopping basket between Coles and Woolworths to get the best prices from each of the supermarkets and save even more. Our premium grocery comparison service, a paid for service, helps you maximise grocery savings. We automatically matching your shopping basket with the lowest priced, similar items. You can quickly compare and swap to the cheaper grocery price. You can compare groceries on 'sell price' and 'price per unit'.
We have created a number of features to make your grocery shopping faster, better and save you money. For example:Compare & Save – Shop for what you always shop and we’ll let you know when you can get your groceries cheaper at another supermarket.Swap & Save – Shop for what you always shop and we’ll let you know when you can swap a grocery item to a cheaper alternative, either at the same supermarket or another supermarkets.Send to Shop Online – If you want your groceries delivered from Coles or Woolworths, we can send your shopping cart to Coles online shop or Woolworths online shop; all you need to do is login, select the delivery time and authorise payment.Save & Shop Instore – Prefer to shop instore? Hit the Print button and you can print your grocery shopping list or save your list. When you are in store you can view your shopping list on your mobile and tick them off your list.
frugl helps shoppers compare grocery prices faster - and shop smarter. Grocery shoppers can save up to 30% on their grocery shop by comparing grocery prices and swapping for cheaper alternatives. We are an independent online grocery comparison website to find the best online grocery prices, deals and offers.
Every Australian who grocery shops! We are a one size fits all because everyone has their own way of grocery shopping. If you buy groceries in Australia, then this grocery comparison site will help you save time and money.