Feature Highlight: The Fruglizer

Saving money isn’t always easy; especially when you’re spending it on electricity bills, water bills, health bills and even grocery bills. But the Frugl App Fruglizer feature can help.

With Frugl you can cut back on how much you spend on your groceries each week. And we’re not just talking a couple of dollars or cents. We’re talking about BIG savings. Some Frugl users have even reported saving up to $40 every time they shop for their family. 

The Fruglizer Feature

Get frugal, with our built-in Fruglizer feature. This feature allows Frugl users to optimise their shopping lists in three ways: best price, Coles preferred or Woolworths preferred.

Best Price

Best price optimisation is for users who want to maximise their grocery savings by shopping at both Woolworths and Coles. This means they get all the products they want at the lowest price possible. 

Coles Preferred

Coles preferred is for users who want to only shop at Coles. This means user’s lists are optimised by Coles products and pricing only. 

Woolworths Preferred

Woolworths preferred is for users who want to only shop at Woolworths. This means user’s lists are optimised by Woolworths products and pricing only. 

Additional Feature

Within the Fruglizer, users also have the ability to deselect products at their leisure so to exclude them from the pricing total. This is a great feature for users who have a regular shopping list as it allows them to untick those items they might not need to buy that particular week (but not delete them) so the items are still available in the list for next time.