Five of the Best Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

1. Aloe Vera

There are many different types of Aloe Vera, but most of them thrive in bright light conditions. Which makes you think it’s not a good houseplant, but on the contrary. Aloe Vera can be placed near a window where it gets just the morning or afternoon sun and it will thrive — this is because they love light, but not direct light. 

Even better is that Aloe Vera is self-propagating. This means that after a couple of weeks you’ll begin to see small Aloe Vera plants shooting up through the soil. You can plant these out into their own new pots and have more plants in no time! 

2. Mothers-In-Law Tongue

It’s a strangely named plant, I know. But this plant is named after the sharp margins of its leaves. To many plant lovers, this one is an oldie but a goodie. 

Like most plants, there are different varieties of Mothers-In-Law Tongues that have slightly different colouring. Nevertheless, these plants are great because they grow prolifically and tolerate low levels of light. The perfect features for an indoor plant. 

Like Aloe Vera, this plant will self-propagate. Although, it is a little trickier to replant these ones because they have a thick root system that can sometimes be hard to separate.

3. Devil’s Ivy

Gravity is your best friend when it comes to Devil’s Ivy. So a high shelf or top of a cupboard is its perfect place to be. This is because it allows the plant to do what it does best, grow. After all, it does have the nickname Rapunzel so you can only imagine how it cascades green and leafy foliage. 

Fun fact: this plant can survive in soil or water and be propagated easily from a cutting. 

4. Arrowhead 

The arrowhead plant is probably one of the easiest houseplants to take care of. Needing very little water to survive it even tolerates low light areas. This plant, much like Devil’s Ivy, is perfect for living in water and can be grown from cuttings easily. 

As the plant matures it may also begin to vine, so this means you can train it to grow along, up or down a pole or trellis support. 

5. Monstera 

This type of plants comes in many different ‘styles’ (some that even grow edible fruit!). But the most common house version of this plant, Monstera Deliciosa, is great for adding big, green and lush foliage statements to your home. This is because this plant is a tropical evergreen plant. Meaning it will be green and leafy all year round.

Even though these plants are accustomed to warm tropical climates, Monstera Deliciosa is easily adaptable and will grow successfully in most climates — except those with very cold indoor conditions.

Fun fact: this plant can also be grown easily from cuttings. 

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