Four Affordable Alternatives To Using Plastic In Your Household

Going eco-friendly doesn’t have to be hard, in fact there are a heap of simple switches that you can do that will help the environment and benefit your wallet in the long term. Check out our top four affordable alternatives to plastic today! 

1. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Recently I went to the dentist to get a general check up and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had been given a dental goodie bag containing a bamboo toothbrush.

Why was I surprised? 

Firstly, because bamboo toothbrushes are usually considered expensive as they’re an eco-friendly product and secondly, because I had previously assumed bamboo toothbrushes wouldn’t be up to the dentist code of ‘tooth cleanliness practice’. A poor assumption made by me – but I blame all the clever Colgate and Oral B toothbrush ads for that.

So if you’re looking for a plastic switch, why not try a 100% biodegradable bamboo toothbrush? Ordering them in bulk from either eBay or Amazon can help reduce cost too!

2. Beeswax Wraps

Cotton fabric coated in beeswax: that’s all that goes into beeswax wraps. They don’t contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates which are regularly found in shrink and cling wraps.. This is important as experts generally agree that low level exposure of phthalates are known to impact reproductive development, particularly in young males (CHOICE). 

Beeswax wrap brands include Bee Wrappy, Little Bumble, Wrappa and Bee Green. As these wax wraps cannot be washed under warm/hot water they are best to be used only on fruit and vegetables and over the tops of bowls and containers instead of products like meat.
Retail pricing for beeswax wraps varies depending on size. Extra small ones from Bee Green start at $3.00 and the jumbo size is $9.70. If this seems pricey to you, do remember they last up to 12 months – think of how much cling wrap you buy in 12 month. Not to mention that most cling wrap is not recyclable as it clogs up machines.

3. Eco-Friendly Beauty Bars

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash even soap can all be bought in bars that contain no plastic and in the long term will cost you very little. 

Some might consider this ‘old school’ but it’s actually a really great way to reduce plastic. Especially because shampoo bars can replace the 552 million shampoo bottles that get thrown out each year. 

Excellent places to get beauty bars include:

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4. Reusable Mesh Fruit Bags

Doesn’t it seem a little silly that we go to the supermarkets with our reusable shopping bags only to use the single use plastic fruit and veg bags when bagging loose items like beans, apples, tomatoes, spinach – you name it!  

But how do we overcome this?

By getting our own reusable produce bags. Eco stores like The Eco Warrior  sell these produce bags. There are a few different types but the ones I’ve used are the recycled mesh produce bags which cost $19.99 for an eight pack.

You can also find some really cool and handy DIY produce bag ideas on Reddit. Here are a few examples.