Frugl Grocery Price Comparison App Helps Aussies Buy Aussie Grocery Products

This Australian Made Week, and every week, we at Frugl are helping Aussies support Aussie brands and products.

How are we doing this? With our app, Frugl Grocery, known for its ability to breakdown a shopper’s shopping list to highlight how they can maximise their savings depending on where they shop (i.e. at Coles, Woolworths or both). But now it also gives shoppers the ability to filter their grocery product search by origin – more specifically Australian made products!

Filter For Australian Made Products

This new feature accompanied our most recent Frugl Grocery app release (Version 2.1) and came just in time for the inaugural Australian Made Week which kicked off on Monday 24th and continues till May 30th. 

The inclusion of the Origin filter comes after feedback from you, our users, who wanted to be able to see where products are made. This information, where applicable, is now viewable in each Product’s Detail page, and can be used as a filter option on your searches. 

How To Use The 'Australian Made' Filter

Simply begin a product search within the Frugl app, either by the category search or text search function.

Once your search results load, navigate to the filter icon , tap it and you’ll find yourself within the filter page of the Frugl app. 

From here, you can pick which filter you would like to apply. For the Australian made product filter, go to ‘Origin’ then select which filter applies to you.

Don’t forget to select Apply Filters before leaving the filters page, otherwise your changes won’t be saved! 

Learn More About Australian Made Week

Australian Made Week is run by the  Australian Made Campaign Ltd and encourages shoppers to actively focus their buying activities in genuine Aussie products.  You can learn more about Australian Made Week on the Australian Made website