Kombucha: is it just another food ‘trend’ or does it have real benefits?

We’ve all heard about it, perhaps even tried it, but the question still remains – is there any benefit to drinking Kombucha? 

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is not a new concept. It’s a drink that originated from China more than 2200 years ago and is drunk for the purposes of detoxing and energising the body. 

The drink is made through a fermenting process that uses a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (sometimes referred to as a ‘scoby’) to facilitate the breakdown of sugar. 

Usually, Kombucha is made from tea or fruits, even a combination of both and ends up with a vingerary, beer-type fizzy essence when complete. 

But is it really all it’s cut out to be?

Kombucha is known for its health benefits, but for something that starts out as a sugary tea, you can’t help but be somewhat skeptical.

However recent research suggests, it may have a healthy probiotic benefit. 

This probiotic benefit comes from Kombucha being a fermented product, because lightly fermented foods made from bacteria, contain healthy bacteria that can help restore our gut health like a probiotic supplement. 

The catch however, is that for this large scale gut restoration this probiotic consumption needs to happen on a long term basis.

Research is very limited in terms of Kombucha and it’s restorative and dextosing properties, especially when it comes to humans so consumers are warned to be careful. 

This is because in the commercialisation of the product, many companies will add fruit juice to the product post fermentation to create an inviting flavour, but this ultimately increases the sugar content (which is not such a good health benefit). 

What are some low-sugar Kombucha brands on the market?

According to Nourish Life some of the best low-sugar Kombucha brands on the market are:

  1. Health-Ade
  2. GT
  3. Humm Kombucha
  4. Holy Kombucha
  5. Brew Dr.

Food for thought: Are you surprised that common supermarket Kombucha brands don’t make the list?

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