Read This And You’ll Never Buy Store Bought Pasta Again

There are approximately more than 200 different types of pasta. Each of which get used in many different sauces and dishes. Sounds complex, right? It’s not.

Pasta is in fact one of the easiest foods to make. It involves, at its most basic, two ingredients: flour and egg. And takes no time to make. So why are we still buying store bought pasta?

How To Make Pasta

The trick with making pasta is getting the ratio of flour to egg correct. By standard, one serving of pasta is equivalent to 100g plain flour to 1 egg. Clearly everybody eats different amounts, but that’s the basic ratio, so add or subtract at your will. 

What’s great about making pasta at home though, is that you can cater to your dietary needs. If you’re gluten intolerant, use gluten free flour or if you want to experiment with flavours you could use spelt flour, buckwheat flour, chickpea flour – the list of flours goes on! 

And if you’re allergic to egg, substitute with water.

Apart from flour and egg (or whatever liquid you choose) you just need a fork, a rolling pin and a knife for cutting the pasta later. Not to mention, a kitchen working space…

So go ahead and measure your flour. Then make a pile on your clean, dry countertop with said flour. Make a well in the flour. Now add your egg/s into the well. Using your trusty fork, lightly whisk your eggs (you can lightly pre-whisk your eggs in a bowl if you’d like. That works too).

Once your egg yolks and whites are combined, slowly mix your eggs into the flour by dragging flour from the outside of the well to the middle where the eggs are. 

After a while your mixture will become like a dough. At this stage it’s time to give the dough a light knead. After kneading your dough it should become glossy, but not be too sticky or too dry.

Finally grab your rolling pin and roll it out till it’s thin or to your liking. Then cut into strips. At 0.5cm in width you’ve got homemade tagliatelle!  

To cook, add to salted boiling water like regular store bought pasta and it’s ready when it floats (usually after 1 minute or so).

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