The Jolting Amount Aussies Were Willing To Spend On Valentine’s Day

Forget last minute Valentine’s day gifts, think about how much mass-produced romanticism is costing you.

The Record So Far

Now there’s nothing wrong with treating your significant other on Valentine’s day. However for a large number of Australians, the advertising surrounding this day can be one big guilt trip that leaves us blowing our budgets on roses and diamonds.

A 2017 study found Aussies who recently married in the last five years spend a jolting $253 million on Valentines Day. That’s almost $315 per person! 

A year later, the same study showed an estimated $528 million to be spent on Valentine’s day. 

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Interestingly however, in 2019 Commonwealth bank released a video (see below) on how Australian perceptions towards Valentine’s day were changing – some might say for the better.

It showed that 40% of Australians actually did not like to spoil their partner on Valentine’s day, and the likely reason behind this attitude being that money is a point of tension in their relationship already.

Not to mention that many Australian’s believe Valentine’s Day to be a ‘rip off’…


Perhaps Valentine’s Day celebrators are a dying breed, or perhaps current financial movements like FIRE are encouraging us to spend wisely..  

People have become more aware of showing affection and appreciation towards their significant others throughout the year. This type of continued communication is good for relationships and takes off the pressure that many feel when it does come to Valentine’s day. Not only that, but it takes off financial strain for many couples. 

We love love, and celebrating Valentine’s day is a great time to shower your significant other with love. However it’s okay to ditch the roses and keep your hard earned cash for a spontaneous date night or mini getaway. 

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