Think Green This St Patrick’s Day

The 17th of March marks the annual St Patrick’s Day Celebration where you’ll no doubt see many people dressed to the nines in green. 

But this St Patrick’s Day why not make it a day to think green, not only in colour but in the sustainability sense too? Here’s a few ideas on how you could be a green thumb this St Patty’s Day.

1. In the Laundry

Yep, responsible laundry practices are a thing! And it’s time to get around it. Especially because up to 25% of the carbon footprint of each garment we own comes from the way we wash and care for it. 

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2. In the Bathroom

The bathroom isn’t just a place where you can keep yourself clean, but also one where you can so easily attribute to keeping the environment clean too. Not to mention save money in the long run! 

Our article on 4 Ways To Be Sustainable and Save Money: Bathroom Edition is a great guide for any bathroom sustainability beginner. 

3. In the Kitchen

Being green in the kitchen is more about the food we eat rather than the utensils we use. And no, I don’t mean going vegan, I just mean being more conscious of what we are eating and the type of impact it can have and adjusting our behaviours accordingly. One great start is to simply eat in-season foods.

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4. In the Backyard

Get those gardening gloves out and ready for some activity. Yep, that’s right, gardening with your leftovers is our final tip to going green this St Patty’s Day. 

But why? Because when organic matter ends up in the landfill it decomposes without oxygen, emitting methane gas, a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide (CO2). 

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