Three Self-Iso Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained and Learning At Home

So school is out, everyone is at home and wanting a refund on their subscription to 2020. Thanks a lot, COVID-19!

But now is not the time to be glum. Now is the time to make the most of what we’ve got – even if what we’ve got is the young ones at home with with us 24/7.

But how do we do that? By creating a little at home, self-iso educational fun with these activities below. 

1. Fizzy Fun

All you need here is bicarb soda and vinegar. Pour some vinegar into a glass and add about a tablespoon of bicarb soda and BOOM! You’ve got an instance reaction and a quick and easy chemistry lesson. 

If you really wanted to go all out with this one, you can take it even further by getting your kids to mould a volcano out of polymer clay (any clay really) then add the bicarb and vinegar inside the volcano to see it erupt!

2. Water and Colour

Another great at-home activitiy that will keep your kids entertained, but learning, is the very easy colour chromatography experiment. You might remember doing this one when you were young!

For this one, all  you need is a cup of water, a pen and a few strips of paper. Basically you draw a vertical line on a strip of paper and then dip the paper in a bit of water. What you see next looks like magic! The video below shows you this expieriment along with other water experiments.

3. Magic Pepper

This last experiment is very pertinent to the situation of coronavirus and proper hygiene. In the last few weeks many videos have circulated, demonstrating this experiment and showing children the importance of washing hands properly. 

For this one you’ll need a dish of water, black pepper and soap. If you want to know how to conduct the experiment the video below is a good guide.